Why do I read

I read a lot: from short blog posts and tutorials to books and whitepapers. (I watch courses, webinars, and conference talks as well). Reading helps me discover new things and remember the stuff I already know. It uncovers the “missing parts” of how things and processes work internally.

Practice, of course, matters. But if you do your work every day, the learning pace will slow down after some time. Only learning from other sources can boost your knowledge.

In this blog post, I collected the best books on testing and engineering that I read recently. Of course, there are more great books out there. So please, recommend your favorite books in the comments.


Is there anything besides the books?

I have worked in the IT industry for more than eleven years now. The more you are here, the more challenging it is to find something new.

What can help you to learn new things:

  • Change position: from engineer to manager and back
  • Change project or company (technology stack and testing tools)
  • Research whitepapers about testing and your industry. (Courses and webinars can be good when you start, but later it is more like a waste of time - for me).
  • Find the topic that motivates you and research as much as possible on it. (No matter the programming language or stack.)
  • Practice what you learned.
  • Reflect on what you learned and how you can use it in your work now.
  • Share the knowledge with others (tweet about it, write blog posts, share it in chats, etc.).